TCM for coronavirus

23 patients diagnosed with coronavirus were discharged from the hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine in Hubei province on Feb 6 after receiving treatment with a combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine. On the same day, the Guangdong provincial drug administration officially announced that “pneumonia-1 prescription” would be used in 30 hospitals designated for treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia in Guangdong province.

Traditional Chinese medicine is playing an important role in the treatment of coronavirus. It is reported that in the clinical application in Guangdong province, “pneumonia-1 prescription” was used to treat 50 patients with newly diagnosed coronary pneumonia (mild case). After 1 week of clinical observation, all the patients’ body temperature returned to normal, 50% of the patients’ cough symptoms disappeared, 52.4% of the patients’ pharyngeal pain disappeared, 69.6% of the patients’ fatigue symptoms disappeared, and none of the patients was transferred to serious disease.

After traditional Chinese medicine treatment, the new type of pneumonia of the moderate patients, mild patients easy to heal, moderate patients to severe disease significantly reduced; For severe and critical patients, it can stabilize the blood oxygen saturation, improve breathing difficulty, has a certain auxiliary treatment effect; Convalescent period patient that is discharged to just cure, also can avoid a few sequela.