Why join us?

Remember why we become doctors, practitioners, nurses and medicine scientists?
For him, for her, for the sufferer we took a vow to help.
Together, we can help our patients more in deed.
Together, our patients can be helped more in need.

–– Caroline Lin Cai and Ye Tian IMCMP Chairs

IMCMP only accept members who has full qualified Bachelor degree or above in Medicine or TCM / CAMs or full nurse practicing qualification.

  • You would like to join a highest standard professional body and join the community formed by high qualified professionals from recognised Universities.
  • You are actively seeking for available helps for your patients when you cannot help them anymore within your knowledge and abilities because you love your patients so much in your heart.
  • You are actively seeking for new knowledge and skills to improve your practice because you want to offer better helps to your patients.
  • You know you have an advanced treatment technique, method, recipe or invention and have been successfully helping your patients with it. Now you want to it to be heard and therefore you are able to help more patients who suffer from the same condition worldwide.
  • You feel it is your duty to find and prove a new medicine or treatment for the worldwide patients who are counting on you to receive better healthcare in hospitals.
  • You need more supports from the front line doctors, nurses and practitioners who are working in your study area.

Insurance Policy

We request our members to have professional indemnity insurance to protect his or her professional practice.

Our members who working as Doctors, TCM Practitioners, Osteopathy, Chiropractic etc can get their professional insurance elsewhere or use our block insurance broker. IMCMP takes NO commission from our block insurance broker.