About us

Integrated Medicine and Chinese Medicine professionals (IMCMP) is the leading self-regulatory professional body of the Doctors, practitioners, nurses and scientists who are interest on sharing Morden medicine, Complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs), Chinese Medicine knowledge to promote professional communications and integrated medicine to help patients.

Honorary Chair
Dr. Sheng Shan PhD

Integrated Medicine and Chinese Medicine professionals(IMCMP) is very honoured to have Dr. Sheng Shan to be our Honorary Chair. He is very care about promoting integrated healthcare in the UK and have been giving many encourages for setting up IMCMP. Dr. Shan is also the President of the UK Chinese Association for the Promotion of National Reunification. Shan Sheng was born in 1929 in Shanghai. He enrolled in the law department at Aurora University Shanghai in 1949 and graduated in 1951, then went to Paris University. His major is international law and achieved his Doctor of Laws in 1954. He continued his studies in the University of London later.

Honorary Chair
Prof. Boying Ma MD, MA, PhD

Without Professor Bo-Ying Ma’s suggesting, encouraging and helping, IMCMP would not be funded so soon. He is life fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and was the Chairman of the Pan-European Federation of Consultants in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is Visiting Professor of 8 universities in the UK, France and China. Professor Ma is originally a Western medical doctor, he gained a second higher degree from the China Academy of Chinese Medicine (Beijing). He is a full Professor of Shanghai Medical University and a Committee Member of the Academic Experts Board of the Shanghai Chinese Medicine University. Professor Ma came to England invited by Dr Joseph Needham, an acclaimed world-wide scholar, as his collaborator for the medical volume of the large project series “Science and Civilization in China”. Professor Ma was elected a Visiting Fellow of Cambridge University and the British Academy during 1985-1993.

Honorary Chair
Prof. Guanyuan Jin, M.D. (China), Dipl. OM.

Dr. Guanyuan Jin graduated from Zhejiang Medical University, China, where he later served as a physiology professor and engaged in acupuncture-related research studies. In the course of his education, Dr. Jin had the opportunity to study under such acknowledged masters of Chinese medicine as Master Jiao Mianzhai of Shandong, China, one of the four pioneering acupuncturists in modern China, as well as distinguished experts Zheng Kuishan of Gangshu, China, and Wei Jia of Jiangxi, China.
Coming to the United States in the late 1980s, Dr. Jin completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Medical College of Wisconsin and became one of first national-board-certified acupuncturists and Chinese herbologists in the US. Dr. Jin has been involved with traditional Chinese medicine practice and research for more than 40 years, and is a recognized expert in systems medicine, physiology, chronobiology, neurology, cardiology and oncology. Dr. Jin has also authored 20 professional textbooks, including his latest book, Contemporary Medical Acupuncture – A Systems Approach. Some of Dr. Jin’s titles and honors include Honorary Professor (of TCM) at Guangzhou University, PRC, President of the International Institute of Holistic Medicine, USA, Board Chair of the Association of Chinese Scientists and Engineers (ACSE), USA, and founding President of the Society of Chinese American Professors and Scientists (SoCAPS)

Honorary Director
Jethro Rowland

Jethro Rowland. Dip. Ac. Dip. CHM. Is an acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. He qualified in acupuncture in 1991 from the London School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine (LASTCM later part of Westminster University.) He then went on to study Chinese Herbal Medicine at The London Academy of Oriental Medicine. Jethro specialises in addiction and has worked with several agencies across London and Hertfordshire that work with addiction. He has a very wide range of experience in TCM and is deeply committed to integrating TCM and modern western medicine.

Honorary Director
Jeff Haggi

QiGong, Tai-Chi, Martial Arts and Kick Boxing practitioner and instructor. Personal Trainer for Health, Fitness and Gym instruction.
Previously, Senior Executive with over twenty years of experience in several senior management positions in a multi-national technologies company. Roles include Managing Director, Operations Director and IT Software Director. Qualified to BSc 2.1 Hons degree in Electronic Engineering and skilled in providing solutions for Contact Centres, IT and Telecommunications.

Patients representative
Simon Garling

Although semi retired, Simon still own & run a mortgage broking company and have been in the industry for over 30 years. he likes to go for a morning run most days through the beautiful Cotswold countryside.

Honorary Director
Qiulin Gui

Chair of UK Culture Research Institute, Famous social activist and philanthropist.

Caroline Lin Cai Msc Bsc MD

Deputy Chief TCM Practitioner, Master and Bachelor Degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Middlesex University London and Medical Degree from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Member of the Royal Medical Association, Deputy Secretary-General of the Professional Committee on External Therapy of Tumours of the World Federation. Caroline is specialised in Qigong, Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture.

Executive Vice Chair
Ye Tian MD

He graduated from the Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine. After 2 years working in a hospital orthopaedics unit, he joined an international exchange programme to teach in the UK.

Lili Fu

Lili was the chief finance officer (CFO) of Deppon Logistic Co. Ltd. She has been working as manager in a Chinese Medicine company in London for 5 years. She is very experienced in internal auditing, financial risk management and accounting.

Honorary Professional Experts Advisors

Chief Scientific Study Advisor
Dr. Yu-Ling Ma BSc, MSc, PhD

Yuling established a Chinese herbal medicine research lab at DPAG Oxford University in 2015. She graduated in biology from Peking University, Beijing China. Her interest in using pharmacological methods to study Chinese herbal medicine led her to a research position in the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences to investigate  the cardioprotective effects of herbal extracts using in vivo ischemia and in vitro cellular electrophysiology experimental models.

Cancer Study and Clinical trial Advisor
Prof. Zhong Li

Li Zhong, a well-known expert in Chinese medicine oncology, chief physician, professor, PhD doctor degree of clinical oncology from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, secretary-general of the Cancer Society of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medicine, vice chairman of the Chinese Medicine Association’s Foreign Governance Branch, Member of the Chinese Youth Medical Science and Technology Innovation Expert Committee of the Chinese Medicine Association, executive member of the Oncology Professional Committee of the Chinese Geriatrics Society, member of the Oncology Professional Committee of Beijing Society of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, member of the Beijing Anti-Cancer Society Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Professional Committee, and member of the Oncology Professional Committee of Beijing Chinese Medical Association, Expert of letter review of National Natural Science Foundation of China, expert of review of new preparations of Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration.